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Tips for Improving Your Creativity When You’re Uninspired

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There’s no doubt that everybody has some creative potential.  

Young children specifically are full of creative spirit, partially because they’ve not developed the fear of failure, embarrassment and judgment. That explains why failure is glorified as a reflection of creativity because adults tend to strive for perfection.  

Creativity can be hard to come by in adults, especially when your mental fatigue hits an ultimate low. Sometimes feeling like we are adding extra pressure to keep the creative juices flowing, does more harm than good.  

Suffers of creative blocks feel their world is shrinking and are typically paralysed, blank, and avoidantAlthough this feeling is debilitating at the time, it is something that many people identify with.  

So how do you get back on your feet when you’re feeling uninspired? Here are five tips to help you find your creativity.  


Change your environment

Inspiration can be hard to come by when you’re confined to the same four walls every day. A consistent routine will help in boosting productivity, but this can also withhold your creativity.  

If you’re less effective at work, a change of scenery should be made high on your priority list. A new environment will encourage new ideas and a different thinking perspective. This disrupts consistent thought patterns to create new thought combinations that have never existed before. That is how new ideas are born.  

Keep in mind, colours in your surroundings stimulate visual cues in your mind. For example, colourful spaces are ideal for playful and positive. It’s important to visualise whether the space you are ultilising is suitable for the type of creativity you need. Blue and green surroundings have been known to trigger the generation of new ideas. 


Adopt a new hobby

When you have lost your creative power, adopt a new relevant hobby. The hobby can be anything you enjoy doing (obviously) but specifically find one that you find therapeutic.  

Forcing yourself to slog through a creative task forms a stressful environment and where there is stress, we lack freedom of thought directly impacting our creativity level.  

For instance, in the design field, relevant creatives hobbies to explore include colouring, video editing or writing. For your case, it could be cooking or attending a new weekend class. If it’s a new thing that will help you move out from your routine for a refreshed perspective, it’s worth exploring. 


Listening to a new podcast

There’s a wide array of podcasts, covering nearly everything. Podcasts spice up car ride experiences and work environments. You can break from your normal routine of listening to your preferred music while working and shift to an insightful podcast. For your case, you can identify your favorite professional champions and get a podcast or Tedtalk featuring their interviews. 


Collect ideas from websites

It goes without saying that Pinterest is the biggest inspirational site worldwide. However, you might get other sites that could be the best matches for your industry. Once you find a perfect match, book-mark it for future reference, especially when your creative spirit is down.  

You need to collect as many relevant, inspirational ideas as possible so that you have a wide range of options to choose from afterward. A collection of the ideas could be in the form of a Pinterest Board or folder of images saved on your desktop. Whichever the approach you choose, you should start the collection exercise right now and see it develop to something bigger with time.  

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