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5 Tips to Working From Home

Read time: 4 mins


Raise your hand if you have had to adjust to working from home?



The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to change the normal routines of our daily lives. Most businesses have been forced to shut, employees shuffled around to work from home, loss of jobs and panic buying of toilet paper has gone to a whole new level. There is no way to sugarcoat the situation we’re all in, as we’re forced into a new reality that involves venturing into deeper self-isolation.

To stay alive, many businesses have made a smart transition to the online arena. Rebuilding their community virtually through Zoom meetings and social media live streams. Thankfully being human, we can handle enormous change. Here are our top five tips to transition your home into an office.


Your bed is for relaxing

First things first, find a table to work on. Although it may be comfortable to have an office set up in your bedroom, it’s incredibly unproductive because this environment tempts you to fall asleep or slow down in your work. The same case applies to working from your living room, next you know, two hours have gone by and you’ve gone further in watching Tiger King on Netflix than your work.

The best option is to create a specific work area that’s free from interruptions. It can be an entire room or some part of a room, but essentially, it should be exclusively set aside as your working area. You would be surprised by how having a dedicated work atmosphere will help to improve your attentiveness and concentration throughout your workday.


Dress the part

Nearly everyone who works from home wants to be in pajamas when working. However, putting on clothes that match your profession gives you a remarkable psychological benefit, even if you are working from home. I am not saying that you put on a full suit and a tie daily (unless you want too). By dressing professionally when at your home office, it tricks your brain to adjust to ‘working mode’.

This is a similar concept to working in your pajamas, the psychological downfall is that being ‘too’ comfortable tends to leave you working disorderly. When you clock off, slip on your pajamas as a reminder to relax and start feeling good.



Play music that corresponds to your work

Your inner-being wants to put on Kanye West in the background while doing admin tasks. You’ve never done that in the office just in case your music taste bothers someone else but we’re giving you permission to jam out at your home workspace. While working, it’s beneficial for your productivity to listen to playlists that correspond to the amount of energy that the project you have at hand requires.

Upbeat music is a great way to boost energy levels, motivation, and alertness. Before you cue Kanye on repeat, keep in mind that all upbeat music isn’t ideal for all projects. Soothing and melodic music is ideal for cognitively demanding tasks like reading, calculating reports and learning something new.


Use home appliances to time your work

Have you ever busted out a few tunes in the shower and realised how long you have been there by how deep you are in your Spotify playlist? Everyone’s a rock star in the bathroom, I think we are all culprits of thinking like this. You can establish the amount of time you’ve spent in the bathroom by estimating the total playtime for the songs.

You can use this general principle to maintain your focus on your job when you are working from your home office. For instance, you could run your laundry rather than listening to music. Execute a task in your to-do list fully before adding another laundry load in the washing machine. You can improve your work efficiency by focusing on a particular task throughout the wash cycle and then executing another assignment within the next cycle. #multitasking


Schedule rewards


You deserve a pat on your back for your hard work. It’s important to remember to celebrate all the wins even the little ones. Such self-rewards give you positive energy making work more enjoyable. Luckily for most of us, there are more relaxed and exciting opportunities you can reward yourself from your home setting as compared to an office environment. Examples include face masks, naps and lighting a highly fragrant candle. Emphasize this self-reward habit in your work routine by scheduling time or setting reminders into your calendar to claim those rewards.

In case you are just beginning your work-from-home journey, remember that every person has his or her unique way of working. As such, you may take some time before you discover the strategy that suits you best. Maintain your focus on your goals, set rewards for achieving those goals and finally, you’ll establish an almost-excellent working-from-home structure.

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