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5 Tips for Clearing Your Mind to Minimize Stress

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We can all agree that being incredibly busy does some pretty whack things to your mental wellbeing. Have you ever heard the saying ‘the city never sleeps’? Well, it’s true, we’re living in a harsh society that prides itself on not being able to stop and tends to forget those who want to withdraw for even a little bit. The concept of having mental clarity is currently doing the rounds on social media and we’re predicting an uptick in popularity. How do you do it? What do you do if stress is just a part of your job, or you’re the kind of person who stresses over everything? The next time you’re feeling anxious or overworked, here are our top five tips to declutter your mind to minimise stress.


Take a digital detox

You’re typing out a *Bing! Instagram alert* email that requires urgent *Bing! you received a text* attention but you can barely get it done without any distractions. Let’s be real: this has become the daily norm, in fact, we have become so used to being notified in real-time that it would almost be strange to not know what your friends are up to on the reg — think Instagram stories or Snapchat.

Those text messages and email alerts that keep your phone ringing won’t allow you to focus. A regular presence on social media exposes you to lots of information that can have a negative impact on you. You can easily get rid of the clutter in your mind if you take time to focus on your thoughts. To disconnect, chuck on your out-of-office email notification and put your phone on airplane mode to give yourself some well-deserved me-time. Now you have time to do something you enjoy, ideas are read a book, reconnect with nature by going on a walk or take up a local pottery class!


Start your day with affirmative statements

Does your ‘inner voice’ encourage you to soldier on, or it automatically starts to feeds with discouraging messages when you face a life challenge? Surprisingly, you can fully change your secret self-defeat habit, old patterns, get over obstacles and develop an optimistic life outlook by making several changes to your internal conversation. Regular positive affirmative statements are the solution. You can live a quality and meaningful life if you pronounce good things upon yourself every day. This practice will retrain your brain to relieve the negative thoughts that could prevent you from maintaining your life focus.

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.


Make a list

Some internet sources estimate that an adult makes approx 35,000 conscious decisions each day and a huge portion of that is about food. #foodislife

We can’t deny being faced with a never-ending stream of decisions and things we need to remember. It’s important that you list them down somewhere instead of storing them in your mind. By so doing, you’ll be able to maintain a clean mind because it won’t be necessary for you to remember all of them. Preferably, create the list on your phone because there are minimal chances of it getting lost when saved there. Additionally, you can set reminder alerts to be getting a notification whenever it needs to be actioned.


Learn to decline or refuse when necessary

There are people who have the tendency to accept any favor request or invitation that comes their way. If you already have enough to do, you should learn to say no to anymore to avoid too much pressure and stress. Therefore, if your workmate requests you to act on something, always assess the practicability of incorporating the task into your schedule. Obviously, there are a few things you can turn down in other aspects of your life too. At times, if you keep on accepting any request that people make to you, you develop a habit of saying ‘yes’ to everything. In many cases, you’ll be finding yourself spending much your time acting on the requests at the expense of other important things in your life. Therefore, learn to say ‘no’ when necessary.


Ask for help

At times, an answer to a problem might be right there for you to apply, but you can’t see it for a reason. Unfortunately, as you continue to struggle with the issue, your mind gets so involved in trying to solve it until it can’t do anything else. It gets cluttered with ideas that are possibly not helpful. Reach out to a friend for help in case you feel that you are getting to this point. The friend might have a different and more helpful perspective towards the problem. As such, they may help you to get a solution and declutter your mind sooner than it could have been when you handle the issue by yourself.



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